Are there snails in australia?

Georgianna Stoltenberg asked a question: Are there snails in australia?
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  • There are over 1000 species of native Australian snails and slugs but most of the snails and slugs we find in our gardens are not natives. Introduced snail species generally arrived accidently in Australia on potted plants, or stuck to packing cases, pallets and shipping containers.


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  • Assassin snails are not on the permitted Australian Government Live Import List. They can't be imported into Australia or traded within Australia—this is an offence under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999.

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Is it illegal to import assassin snails into australia?
  • But I can guarentee that any Assassin snails in Australia have come in illegally, putting our native fauna at risk and further strengthening the idea that more fish should be on the banned import list.
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  • The cone snail is entirely marine, and can be found under stones, sand, rubble, or even among weed depending on the species’ preference. Along the Australian coastline, they can be found from north Western Australia to southern Queensland but they are widely distributed throughout the Indian and Pacific oceans, the Caribbean and Red seas.
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