Can i bring biscuits into australia?

Rosemary Grimes asked a question: Can i bring biscuits into australia?
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  • Pretty much same restrictions as Australia or New Zealand customs. No meat, no fish, no plants, no fruits, no diary products etc. Your biscuits should be fine. Unsure about your tinned salmon though.


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Is it safe to use raw bamboo straws?

  • Because bamboo is a 100% natural material, it will eventually wear out, even when well cared-for. Raw bamboo straws are non-toxic and free from harmful substances. Safe for people, safe for the environment. Bamboo doesn’t leave a toxic residue when it breaks down.

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  • Many corals and shells need a permit to bring them into Australia. I think your best bet is to phone Australian customs and ask them. They can be quite helpful, occasionally.

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What can and Can't you bring into Australia?

  • Many items are restricted or prohibited and cannot be carried by you as a traveller on entry into Australia. Learn more about what you can bring into the country. There are limits on the powders, liquids, aerosols and gels you can carry on board an airplane.

⭐ Can i bring drinks into australia?

Food and drink. BRING IT. These products are allowed into Australia if: they are for personal consumption.

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  • Food items brought into Australia need to be declared on your Incoming Passenger Card if you come by plane, or on the parcels you mail. Biosecurity officers may need to inspect some of the food you're bringing with you.

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Can I bring food into Australia?

  • Food items brought into Australia need to be declared on your Incoming Passenger Card if you come by plane, or on the parcels you mail. Biosecurity officers may need to inspect some of the food you're bringing with you.

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What kind of medicines can you bring into Australia?

  • This includes steroids, strong pain medicines, cannabis and other restricted medicines. Injections that contain material of human or animal origin, such as growth hormone, require special permission to bring into the country. An Australian doctor must organise access for you through the Special Access Scheme.

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Live plants can only be imported to Australia under an import permit we have issued. The only exception where a permit is not required is for imported orchid tissue cultures brought through the airport as accompanied baggage.

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Where can I buy organic quinoa in Australia?

  • Honest to Goodness is proud to be one of the first suppliers of Australia's first ever commercially-grown organic quinoa crop! Organic Quinoa pronounced 'keen-wa' is a gluten-free grain that is rich in essential amino acids, vitamin B2, E and A, & contains more iron than any other grain.

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Can i bring shells into australia?

Yes - as long as they are fully cleaned out and have no shellfish material or hermit crabs still inside them AND you declare them on your incoming Customs Declaration Card AND you present them for inspection to a Quarantine Officer and have them inspected and cleared for import.

Can you bring alcohol into australia?
  • You can bring alcohol to Australia, but you must be at least 18 years old. There are also limits to how much alcohol you can bring back duty free. Find out more about bringing alcohol into Australia.
Can you bring cakes and biscuits from overseas to australia?
  • Please note that any spreads or nuts are not allowed to be added to the final product after the baking or cooking. You can bring any cakes and biscuits from overseas to OZ as long as all their parts and ingredients have been baked together. It is very important all sweets are originally packed.
Can you bring lollies into australia?

Chocolate and confectionery… ​You may bring commercially prepared and packaged chocolate or confectionery into Australia as a personal import. Confectionery includes fudge, toffees, boiled sweets, peppermints, marshmallows and liquorice.​ Chocolate and confectionary must not contain meat, e.g. bacon.

Can you bring steroids into australia?
  • Steroids are prohibited from being brought into Australia. Substances such as hormones and kava, and personal medicines and sedatives must have permits and be declared. Vitamins, supplements, tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol must also be declared.
Can you take sealed biscuits into australia?

What foods can you bring to Australia from Canada?

  • While you are allowed to bring coffee, biscuits, bread, cake, chocolate, maple syrup, and oil, one needs to declare if they have brought tea, spices, pickles, rice, nuts, dairy products with them.