Can i buy cool whip in australia?

Jammie Jacobson asked a question: Can i buy cool whip in australia?
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Homemade natural cool whip

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Cool Whip is Kraft's imitation of whipped cream sold frozen in a tub. It is most commonly used as a topping for desserts in quick and easy recipes. Whilst, it is not sold in Australia it is the most popular brand of whipped topping in America and Canada which is why you might come across it in your recipe searches.


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How to make homemade cool whip

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What is cool whip called in australia?

In Australia, the closest substitute you would get would be our whipped cream in a tin varieties, although they are not very popular with the Australian market as we prefer to make our own.

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Betty's quick tip 106--how to make whipped cream topping (substitution for cool whip) What is cool whip in australia?
  • Q: What is Cool Whip in Australia? Cool Whip is Kraft’s imitation of whipped cream sold frozen in a tub. It is most commonly used as a topping for desserts in quick and easy recipes.

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