Can indians live safely in australia?

Lelah Barrows asked a question: Can indians live safely in australia?
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⭐ How many indians live in australia?

around more than half of the population;p

⭐ How many indians live in australia 2017?

619,164 (2.8% of Australian population) are ethnic India and among them 592,000 (2.4% of Australian population) were born in India.

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⭐ Did australia have indians?

Not as in the American Indians. Australia's indigenous inhabitants are the dark-skinned Aboriginal people who lived in tribal groups throughout the continent.

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Do abarignes live in australia?

yes they do live in australia

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Do aliens live in australia?

No. People have speculated for years over such phenomena as the Min-Min Light and other lights seen hovering in the outback, but aliens do not live in Australia.

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Do alligators live in australia?

Are crocodiles or alligators native to Australia?

  • There are no alligators, gavials or caimans native to Australia. The salt-water crocodile (also called the "saltie") grows to 6m or more, and inhabits rivers, creeks estuaries and sometimes the sea.

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Do alpacas live in australia?

  • Alpacas have adapted very well to the Australian climate and geography and can be found in all regions of Australia, from the warmer northern tropics to the cooler southern regions, mainly along the populated eastern sea board regions. Some Australian breeders own a few alpacas, mainly as pets,...

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Do americans live in australia?

Can an US citizen live and work in Australia?

  • It is relatively easy to live and work in Australia if you are from the USA. Plus, the benefits are premium. You get to live on a giant island with giant spiders for a year! (Okay maybe not the best example of fun.)

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Do beavers live in australia?

No. Beavers do not live in Australia. They are neither native to the country, nor have they been introduced.

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Do capybaras live in australia?

No. Capybara's are native to the Amazon rain forests. They are found extensively in the content of South America. The amazon rain forest covers many countries in south America and capybara's are found everywhere. Unfortunately they don't live outside of the amazon rain forest. They are herbivores. They feed on grass, aquatic plants and fruits.

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Do chameleons live in australia?

Is it possible to keep a chameleon in Australia?

  • very true, australia has awesome herp species, some of the most unique and beautiful bradley said: you cannot keep chameleons in australia because they could colonise if let loose. there are only 3 veileds over there that were confiscated from someone and live in a museum

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Do chimpanzees live in australia?

The only chimpanzees living in Australia would be in a zoo.

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Do cobras live in australia?

No. There are no Cobras in Australia.

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Do cockroaches live in australia?

  • There are around 4,000 species of cockroaches worldwide and about 450 species in Australia, but very few are pests. The three main types of cockroaches commonly found in homes and businesses in Australia include the German cockroach, Australian cockroach and American cockroach.

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Do copperheads live in australia?

  • There are three species of Australian copperheads: the pygmy, the highland, and the lowland. The pygmy copperhead is 60 cm (2.0 ft) long, and lives in South Australia and on Kangaroo Island. The highland copperhead is 1.25 m (4.1 ft) in length and lives in northern Victoria to southern New South Wales.

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Do cougars live in australia?

No. There are no cougars in Australia. There are no native wild cats anywhere in Australia.

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Do coyotes live in australia?

No, coyotes are found only in North America. They are not found in Australia. That country has the dingo.

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Do crocodiles live in australia?

crocodiles australia map

Yes Australia has both salt and fresh water crocodiles.

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Do fairies live in australia?

Fairies do live in Australia but most of the fairies live in Amercia. ALL fairies live in your mind.

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Do flamingos live in australia?

Flamingo's used to live in australia, but now are extinct and only live in africa!

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Do geckos live in australia?

Yes, geckos are found in warm climates throughout the world. Link below has pictures of many Australian gecko species. WARNING: It's a big page and may take a while to load.

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Do giraffe's live in australia?

Absolutely Not. Only in zoos Giraffes live in Africa

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Do hawks live in australia?

There are a number of other eagles, hawks, goshawks, kites and harriers in Australia – and there are several excellent bird books that can help you identify them.

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Do hedgehogs live in australia?

No. There are no hedgehogs in Australia, either native or introduced.

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