Can you bring your spouse to australia as a dependant?

Oceane Kessler asked a question: Can you bring your spouse to australia as a dependant?
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  • When you are already in Australia and you want to bring your spouse to Australia as dependant then you need these documents; Spouse passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months Bank statement covering living expenses for 12 months of stay in Australia.


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⭐ Can i bring my spouse to australia on a student visa?

  • If you are married when applying for an Australian student visa, you can bring your spouse with you. Being a primary applicant, you have to meet visa criteria. If the primary applicant meets the visa criteria, the spouse will get a visa too. Along with your spouse, you also include your children in your student visa application.

⭐ Who is considered to be your spouse in australia?

  • If you answer yes to both questions, that person is your spouse or de facto for tax purposes. In addition, if you are married, your partner is automatically considered to be your spouse for tax purposes. How does this affect your tax obligations? In Australia, each person fills out their own tax return; there is no such thing as a joint tax return.

⭐ Is it illegal to spy on your spouse in australia?

Many a times, spyware is mainly used by a spouse to find out if they partner is cheating on them or is involved in other wrongful acts… It is simply illegal in Australia to spy on your spouse but there are no barriers that can protect one from being spied.

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When to bring your dog to therapy dog australia?

  • Bring your dog along for a 1hr pre-course assessment, to help determine if our courses are right for you. Everything else you need to know! We do not have a phone contact.

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How can you get spouse visa for australia?

Ally through the embassy in your country

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Who is a de facto spouse in australia?

  • The term 'de facto' when used in relation to Australian visa applications is used to describe a couple who live together as partners but are not married. De facto spouses, or de facto husband and wife are examples of couples who live together and share a life together as a partner couple, but are not married.

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Can i split my income with my spouse australia?

Married couples can split income with their spouse to reduce the tax levied, if their spouse is in a lower tax bracket… However, if income splitting can be used, it can result in significant tax savings.

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How long is spouse pte score valid in australia?

  • If you are applying for a dependent spouse Australia PR visa, the English test scores remain valid till 12 months. However, if you are claiming points, the spouse PTE score for Australia PR remains valid for 36 months. Ques. Is it necessary to attempt for PTE from my home country?

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What are the requirements for spouse visa in australia?

  • you and your spouse must both be committed to a shared life together to the exclusion of all others.
  • your relationship with your spouse must be genuine and continuing.
  • you must live with your spouse or do not live apart on a permanent basis.
  • your marriage must be valid under Australian law.

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Can you bring your pet ferret from the us to australia?

Australia has strict laws on pet ferrets, as some areas ban ferrets. Check with the government authorities where you are moving to in Australia

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Can you bring your pet monkey from south africa to australia?

No. Monkeys are not permitted as pets in Australia.

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Is it possible to bring your parents to live in australia?

  • You can definitely bring your parents to Australia if you are a permanent resident. The most important condition you need to meet is the Balance of family test.

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Can a spouse of an international student work in australia?

  • While living in Australia as a dependent of an international student, spouse can work the same number of hours per week as the primary applicant. Usually, international students are entitled to work not more than 40 hours per fortnight.

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What england bring to australia?


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How long can i stay in australia on a spouse visa?

  • Please contact us for advice on obtaining a spouse visa. Once your initial application is granted, you will be issued with an Extended Eligibility Temporary Visa. This will allow you to stay in Australia for two years and you will have full work rights during this period.

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Can i bring coral into australia?

  • Many corals and shells need a permit to bring them into Australia. I think your best bet is to phone Australian customs and ask them. They can be quite helpful, occasionally.

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Can i bring crisps to australia?

  • What you can and can’t send Some of the most popular food items which expats miss include gravy granules, baked beans and cheese and onion crisps – but what foods are you allowed to send to Australia? Australia’s import rules are stricter than a lot of other countries, due to the country’s reliance on farming.

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Can i bring drinks into australia?

Food and drink. BRING IT. These products are allowed into Australia if: they are for personal consumption.

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Can i bring honey to australia?

  • "Honey products are permitted into most Australian states and territories . Honey products must be inspected by a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources ’ biosecurity officer on arrival, to confirm the honey items are free from contamination. Items that do not meet these conditions will be exported or destroyed at the importer’s expense.

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Can i bring melatonin into australia?

What kind of medicines can you bring into Australia?

  • This includes steroids, strong pain medicines, cannabis and other restricted medicines. Injections that contain material of human or animal origin, such as growth hormone, require special permission to bring into the country. An Australian doctor must organise access for you through the Special Access Scheme.

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Can i bring plants into australia?

Live plants can only be imported to Australia under an import permit we have issued. The only exception where a permit is not required is for imported orchid tissue cultures brought through the airport as accompanied baggage.

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Can i bring shells into australia?

Yes - as long as they are fully cleaned out and have no shellfish material or hermit crabs still inside them AND you declare them on your incoming Customs Declaration Card AND you present them for inspection to a Quarantine Officer and have them inspected and cleared for import.

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Can you bring lollies into australia?

Chocolate and confectionery… ​You may bring commercially prepared and packaged chocolate or confectionery into Australia as a personal import. Confectionery includes fudge, toffees, boiled sweets, peppermints, marshmallows and liquorice.​ Chocolate and confectionary must not contain meat, e.g. bacon.

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Can you bring scissors to australia?

You can pack them in your checked luggage, but you cannot bring them with you on the plane, such as in pockets, purse, carry-on bag, etc.

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