Can you buy xbox 360 games in australia and play them on your american xbox 360?

Santina Koch asked a question: Can you buy xbox 360 games in australia and play them on your american xbox 360?
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⭐ You can buy xbox 360 games in us and play them on your xbox 360 in australia?

uh yeah no dur im in u.s but srsly if ur cnsole supports English game settings then of course

⭐ Can you buy xbox 360 games in australia and play them on your xbox 360 console in ireland?

no if they are region locked, but if not then you can, Ireland is region 2, and Australia is region 4, i would check before buying anything abroad.

⭐ Can you buy xbox 360 games in uk and play them on your xbox 360 console from australia?

yes im pretty sure

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nope Australia are PAL region and the USA is NTFS so they wont work sorry

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Will an american ps3 remote work in australia. and will american ps3 games work in australia?

The controller will work and not the games

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Can xbox 360 games in australia be played in australia?

If you're asking if xbox360 is in Australia and can be played in Australia then yes. Otherwise I have no idea what you are asking.

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You are an american and your australian wife had your baby in australia?

That would give the baby dual citizenship, check with you US cor Australian consulate,

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Are there any xbox live games in australia?

  • Games on Xbox LIVE, for example, are far more efficient at finding matches and connections that work well for Australians. On some rare occasions, we actually have local servers. Titanfall and Diablo III are both local examples of games that have done the right thing by their Australian audience and set up local servers.

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Do xbox 360 games from australia work on nz xbox 360 consoles?

Yes. Both the Australian xbox 360 and NZ xbox 360 run on PAL coding so therefore the games will work.

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How can i play an american cd in australia?

  • To play American CDs in Australian CD players, you will need to regroove them. This is because Australian CDs have a different track-width (i.e. 10 ums instead of 5 ums). To do this you will need to buy some fine-grade sandpaper.

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Is american time behind australia?

The center of Australia is 14:45 hours ahead of the center of the United States. PLEASE NOTE: United States and Australia may span multiple time zones. We are using the America/Denver and Australia/Eucla time zones.

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Are american bully legal in australia?

Whilst restricted breed dogs such as dogo Argentino, fila Brasileiro, Japanese tosa, Presa Canario and American pit bull are already banned by the Federal Government from importation into Australia, the State law bans the breeding of these dogs - both pure bred and mixed-breed (which visibly contain one of the ...

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Are american marriages legal in australia?

  • No. Anyone may marry in Australia providing you are both over the age of 18 and not already legally married. What documents do we need to lodge? You will need to lodge a Notice Of Intended Marriage at least 1 month and 1 day and no more than 18 calender months before you marry.

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Are american shorthairs popular in australia?

No, American short hairs are not yet popular in Australia.

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Can american citizens live in australia?

Visas available to American nationals. Americans moving to Australia will obviously need a visa… If you already have family living in Australia, or you have family members who are Australian or New Zealand citizens, then you should probably look into a family visa.

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Can american citizens work in australia?

  • Australian citizens can work in the USA if: They have an appropriate visa, such as the H-1B visa They have been given permanent residence in the USA (a “green card”) They are dual citizens n Australian and the USA.

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Can american rn work in australia?

Is it possible for an Australian nurse to work in America?

  • With 15 years RN experience, mainly in acute/critical care & emergency, I'm also an Australian (NSW) nurse interested in working in the USA, preferably New York. My thoughts were to work there on a temporary basis - ie around 12-18 months. I have not started any process yet, but I have read your comments, and wondering how you've progressed.

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Can american technology work in australia?

Yes, but in a backwards fashion.

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Do american appliances work in australia?

In Australia the standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. You cannot use your electric appliances in Australia without a voltage converter, because the standard voltage in Australia (230 V) is higher than in the United States of America (120 V).

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Do american degrees qualify in australia?


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Does american airlines fly to australia?

American Airlines dose not have flights to Australia itself, they only sells seats to Qantas. There are other American Airlines which have flights to Australia.

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Is american netflix better than australia?

And one of them is the undisputed leader in content. Netflix USA has a gargantuan library of 5,500+ titles — but Australians can access only around 38% of this available content.

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Is there american express in australia?

Yes, there is an American Express card available in Australia. It's also available in many other countries as well, such as Hong Kong, New Zealand and more.

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What american stars live in australia?

  • Zac Efron. The High School Musical alum has actually been in Australia for quite some time now, hiding out in Byron Bay before paparazzi discovered his presence…
  • Nicole Kidman…
  • Melissa McCarthy…
  • Luke Evans…
  • Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher.

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Where to watch american dad australia?

Which streaming providers can you watch American Dad! on

ProviderAmerican Dad!
Foxtel NowNo
Telstra TV Box OfficeNo

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