Can you sell your organs in australia?

Claudia Dickinson asked a question: Can you sell your organs in australia?
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Dept slaves sell organs

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Selling or buying organs is illegal in Australia, carrying a penalty of six months' jail and/or a fine of $4400… "We've tried everything to drum up support for organ donation and the rates have not risen in 10 years," Dr Carney said. "People just don't seem willing to give their organs away for free."

Selling or buying organs is illegal in Australia, carrying a penalty of six months' jail and/or a fine of $4400.


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About the Supporting Living Organ Donors Program

This program supports people who have donated a kidney or partial liver to someone who needs it… Under the program, donors can access: reimbursement of up to 342 hours of paid leave at the national minimum wage.

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What actually happens to your body when you donate your organs?

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Who can donate organs and tissue? Almost everyone can donate organs and tissue. While age and medical history will be considered, don't assume you are too young, old or unhealthy to become a donor. You need to be aged 18 years or over to legally record your consent on the Australian Organ Donor Register.

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