Can you take honey into australia?

Connie Thiel asked a question: Can you take honey into australia?
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Can you bring Honey in to Australia from New Zealand?

  • 1. We have been told by Quarantine at Sydney airport that New Zealand honey may not be imported into Australia. You could try, but be sure to declare it and don't be disappointed if you loose it.


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  • In order to join the SWAT team, you’ll first need to gain experience as a police officer, sheriff’s deputy, military police officer, or federal special agent. This means passing through a rigorous selection process and graduating from your agency’s training academy. Many local policing agencies accept candidates with a high school diploma or GED.
Is it legal to export honey to australia?
  • Along with animal by-products such as wool and animal hides, honey is classified as a 'non-prescribed good' under Australian export control legislation, which means that there is no Australian restriction on its export.
What do you need to know about importing into australia?
  • Whilst there is no central body that assists with importing into Australia, we suggest you make contact with the following organisations for information and assistance. Department of Home Affairs for information on import tariffs. Biosecurity in Australia Formerly the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS).
What is the best honey to buy in australia?
  • Bramwells (ALDI)
  • Beechworth.
  • B honey.
  • Capilano.
  • Woolworths.
  • Happy Valley.
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Where do honey bees live in australia?

The social native Stingless Bees that produce honey are tropical bees. They are only found in warm areas such as the northern half of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland, and northern and coastal areas of NSW.

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  • Popular Australian varieties include blue gum honey, an earthy and herbal variety produced by bees that feed on blue gum eucalyptus. Assertive blue mallee and delicate meadow honey are more common in Southern Australia. Orange blossom honey, with a citrusy flavor, is popular in Australia (much like in the U.S.).