Distance cape town to sydney?

Joaquin Marks asked a question: Distance cape town to sydney?
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⭐ Distance in nautical miles cape town to sydney?

5962 nautical miles

⭐ What is the flight time from cape town to sydney australia?

The flight time from Sydney, Australia to Cape Town, South Africa is about 13 hours, 43 minutes.

⭐ How long would it take to sail from sydney to cape town?

12 days

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It is 6,856 miles from Cape Town to Sidney.

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Distance sydney santiago de chile?

The air distance from Sydney, Australia, to Santiago, Chile, is 7,066 miles. That equals 11,371 kilometers or 6,140 nautical miles.

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Air distance between newcastle and sydney?

The air distance between Sydney and Newcastle, Australia is 73 miles or 118 kilometres.

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Distance baltimore maryland to sydney australia?

The air distance from Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America, to Sydney, Australia, is 9,788 miles. That equals 15,751 kilometers or 8,505 nautical miles.

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Distance from heathrow to sydney airport?

The air distance from London's Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Australia's Sydney International Airport (SYD) is 10,575 miles. That equals 17,019 kilometers or 9,190 nautical miles.

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Distance from san francisco to sydney?

Flight distance from San francisco to syndey aus - 7416 miles/11935 km.

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Flight distance from darwin to sydney?

The flight distance from Darwin, Australia to Sydney, Australia is 1,955 miles / 3,146 km

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Flight distance from perth to sydney?

The flight distance from Perth, Australia to Sydney, Australia is 2,051 miles / 3,301 km.

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Is darlington the smallest town in sydney?

  • At the time of its incorporation in 1864, it had the distinction of being the smallest municipality in the Sydney metropolitan area, at a mere 44 acres. Darlington is bordered by City Road, Cleveland Street, Golden Grove Street, Wilson Street and Abercrombie Street.

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Is sydney ns a city or town?

Sydney, former city, ocean port, and since 1995 a constituent component of Cape Breton regional municipality, northeastern Nova Scotia, Canada. It lies on the southeastern arm of Sydney Harbour at the mouth of the Sydney River, on eastern Cape Breton Island. Sydney, N.S., Can.

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Distance between sydney to amritsar by air?

The air distance from Sydney, Australia, to Amritsar, India, is 6,708 miles. That equals 10,794 kilometers or 5,828 nautical miles.

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Distance between toronto and sydney nova scotia?

1245 miles

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Distance by car from wollongong to sydney?

80 kilometres or 1 hour

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Distance from amherst to sydney nova scotia?

The driving distance (not "as the crow flies") is 400 kilometers, or about 4.4 hours.

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Distance from tampa fl to sydney australia?

9,256 miles Tampa International Airport (TPA) to Sydney Airport (SYD)

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Distance in kilometers from sydney to auckland?


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Distance in km between ballina and sydney?

The driving distance from Ballina NSW 2478, Australia to Sydney NSW, Australia is 740km

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Distance in miles between sydney and cancun?

What is the distance from Sydney to Cancun by air?

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Driving distance from sydney to batemans bay?

The driving distance from Sydney NSW, Australia to Batemans Bay NSW 2536, Australia is 173mi / 278km

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Flight distance sydney to hong kong kms?

The flight distance for direct flights (if available) is 7,349 km.

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The flight distance between sydney and auckland?

The flight distance from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand is 1,342 miles / 2,160 km.

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What is distance between sydney and newcastle?

  • 160Km
With Car 2hrs 11min (Google Maps).

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Is the sydney luggage town hall still open?

  • Sydney Luggage Town Hall is temporarily closed until further notice. Sydney Luggage Mascot is open for Click & Collect only , Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm. For further assistance please call 02 9669-6381 or 0448 34 36 40.

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