Does australia have 2 christmases?

August Paucek asked a question: Does australia have 2 christmases?
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It's pretty confusing if you really think about it, but Australians get to celebrate Christmas twice a year. Once on the traditional December 25th, and then once again in July.


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  • However, approximately 35% of the Australian continent receives so little rain it is effectively desert. The deserts in Australia are primarily distributed throughout the western plateau and interior lowlands of the country.

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The Queen of England is also the Queen of Australia (as well as the Queen of Canada, The Queen of New Zealand etc). She has a lot of crowns :)

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Australia legally has no official language. However, English is by far the most commonly spoken and has been entrenched as the de facto national language since European settlement… According to the 2016 census, English is the only language spoken in the home for close to 73% of the population.

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  • Guthega is one of the four bases of Perisher , Australia's largest ski resort. Skiing in Australia takes place in the high country of the states of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania , as well as in the Australian Capital Territory , during the southern hemisphere winter.

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