How do you call indonesia from australia?

Chaim Runolfsdottir asked a question: How do you call indonesia from australia?
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How to do a visa run in indonesia

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For calls to Indonesia from Australia dial: 0011 + 62 + area code + telephone number. For calls from Indonesia to Australia dial: 001 + 61 + area code + telephone number. For further information (eg. area codes) please visit the international dialling codes.


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What is the relationship like between australia and indonesia?
  • Australia–Indonesia relations refers to the foreign relations between Australia and one of its few neighboring countries, Indonesia. It began as early as 1640 with contact between Indigenous Australians and Makassan trepangers from southwest Sulawesi and formalised with Australia's full recognition of Indonesia in 1949.
What role did australia play in world war ii in indonesia?
  • During World War II, many Indonesian nationalists were based in Melbourne. Following the surrender of Japan, Australian forces participated in the occupation of eastern Indonesia in coordination with the British South East Asia Command 's occupation of Java.
What's in the new australia indonesia military pact?

Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto told a press conference that the new agreement could pave the way for the country's two armed forces engage in joint military training in Australia, and for Indonesian cadets to attend Australian academies such as the Royal Military College at Duntroon.

When did australia stop exporting live exports to indonesia?
  • In response to the footage, live exports to Indonesia were suspended by the Australian Minister for Agriculture from June 7, 2011 until July 6, 2011.
Which is the exit code for australia from indonesia?
  • 001, 008 - Exit code for Indonesia, and is needed for making any international call from Indonesia. 61 - ISD Code or Country Code of Australia. Area code - There are 19 area codes in Australia.

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