How long do possums live in australia?

Fabiola Kuphal asked a question: How long do possums live in australia?
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Common brushtail possum - kitchen raider from australia

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Once they reach 13 months of age, possums are sexually active. With an average life span of 6-7 years and up to 11 years, that gives possums plenty of opportunities to have lots of babies, especially the Common Ringtail Possum which can have 2 and sometimes 3 joeys at a time!


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How to Get Rid Of Possums

  1. Block or cover access points to your home especially the roof, vents, chimney, broken tiles, eaves, etc.
  2. Apply a chemical smell repellent to garden areas such as Poss Off or D-Ter.
  3. Install an Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent to frighten the possum away from an area.

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They mainly eat leaves of eucalypts but also some shrubs (mainly wattles), herbs, flowers and fruit. They forage in the canopy, in lower levels of the forest and on the ground.

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Where are Monarch Butterflies found? In summer, the Monarch Butterfly is common along the east coast of Australia from Queensland to South Australia, and in south-west Western Australia. During the day the butterflies fly around the trees, but as the temperature drops they settle for the night in their clusters.

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yellow stone river

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  • They’re highly nomadic and their range covers most of the mainland. Emus were once found in Tasmania, but were exterminated by early Europeans. The two dwarf species that inhabited Kangaroo Island and King Island are now also extinct.

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