How long do you have to contest a will in australia?

Dell Bauch asked a question: How long do you have to contest a will in australia?
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Although there is 12 months from the date of death to lodge a claim in Court to contest a Will, if a person is considering contesting a Will, it is best to seek legal advice early rather than waiting until the time limit is close.


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⭐ How long do i have to contest a will in western australia?

In accordance with the provisions of the Family Provision Act 1972 (WA), the time limit to challenge a will (i.e. issue a will dispute) is 6 months from the date of the grant of probate or letters of administration.

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⭐ How to contest a will in australia?

To successfully contest a will, a person must demonstrate financial need, and establish that in light of this need, the deceased should have made greater provision for them. As a result, the applicant's financial situation is of particular importance to the application, as is his or her relationship with the deceased.

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