How many indonesian people live in australia?

Allison Pacocha asked a question: How many indonesian people live in australia?
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  • At the end of June 2018, 85,700 Indonesian-born people were living in Australia, almost one-third (31.7 per cent) more than the number at 30 June 2008. This is the twentieth largest migrant community in Australia, equivalent to 1.2 per cent of Australia's overseas-born population and 0.3 per cent of Australia's total population.


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No. The majority of Australians live in the cities and in a strip extending about 100km inland from the coast.

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  • North Sydney is populated by rich snobs. They drive 4WD cars, but only in the city, and they are the products of expensive private schools. They like to talk about money, the stock market, house prices and their golf-club memberships.

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  • Alcohol, a busy work-life, high incomes and a quiet home - some of the key ingredients to living a happy life in Australia, according to the annual Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey. The long-term study of nearly 20,000 Australians revealed things that Australians believe keep them happy and healthy.

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  • Australia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. 9 out of 10 people live on only 3% of the land. Most of Australia's 19 million people live near the coast, because the inner parts are made up of deserts. 80% of the country's population live in the south-eastern part of the country.

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The top 6 types of Australian dwellings are stand-alone houses, terraces, semi-detached house, duplex, townhouses and apartment units. We will be going into detail about what makes each type unique; to give you a better idea for the right choice that suits your needs.

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Frilled lizards, or "frillnecks," are members of the dragon family that live in the tropical and warm temperate forests and savanna woodlands of northern Australia. They spend most of their lives in the trees, but descend occasionally to feed on ants and small lizards.

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The Australian Land Hermit Crab is endemic to Australia, with a range from northern Western Australia across the top end to North Queensland. Hermit Crabs are land crustaceans and spend their adult lives on sandy dunes, rocky beaches and mangroves.

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  • Contrary to what many people think (and to the stereotype of Australian advertising) the majority of Aboriginal people live in Australia's eastern states and not in the remote desert regions of the continent. Most Aboriginal people live in New South Wales and Queensland.

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The 2016 distribution by State and Territory showed New South Wales had the largest number with 1,059 followed by Victoria (989), Queensland (491) and Western Australia (355). The latest Census in 2016 recorded 3,284 Bulgaria-born people in Australia, an increase of 12.7 per cent from the 2011 Census.

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