How many rooms does sofitel sydney have?

Mose Ullrich asked a question: How many rooms does sofitel sydney have?
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  • Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour This Friday marked the opening of Sydney’s first new-build five star hotel in 15 years. A shimmering addition to the Darling Harbour skyline, the 590-room Sofitel Sydney heralds the first of Sydney’s new luxury hotel developments scheduled for opening over the next four years.


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  • Located at the very northern end of the hotel, this premium 75 square metre guestroom features an open plan design with two private balconies. With uninterrupted views, the Sydney Opera House is so close, you can almost touch it.
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  • Sofitel Sydney Wentworth is only a 20 minute drive from Sydney airport, perfect for both business & leisure travellers. Business guests will also love the breadth of conference facitlities on offer at the Sydney accommodation featuring 14 different rooms.
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Which rooms at tara guest house sydney have ensuite baths?

This room has a generous sized ensuite bathroom. The upstairs front room is 27.5 square metres, has a queen four poster bed and a sofa that can be made into a three quarter bed. ... ACCOMMODATION & RATES.

Downstairs Double Room SuiteA$225.00 per night
Upstairs Back RoomA$195.00 per night