How much does a live in nanny cost in australia?

Rosie Kautzer asked a question: How much does a live in nanny cost in australia?
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Market rates, for a live-out or high end live-in nanny are always above the award. At the moment, in October 2020, they are around $30 per hour on average, plus super as required. The current Miscellaneous Award pay rate guide outlines the minimum hourly rates, followed by the junior rates that are slightly lower.


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  • Nanny is required to a newborn. Experience with newborns is important. In addition, light housekeeping, cooking and grocery shopping. Casual and flexible nanny/house duties position two days a week in the Greenslopes area of Brisbane.

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  • About 90 percent of the Australian Jewish community live in Sydney and Melbourne. Melbourne Ports has the largest Jewish community of any electorate in Australia. The Jewish Community Council of Victoria has estimated that 60,000 Australian Jews live in Victoria. In Frankston, the Jewish community has nearly doubled since 2007.

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  • According to the 2016 Census, there are 10,402 Laos-born Australians with the majority residing in New South Wales. The Laos-born community in Australia comprises several ethnic groups including the native Lao, Chinese, Hmong and Vietnamese groups.

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64.1 per cent of NSW Macedonians live in Sydney. The largest concentration is in the St George-Sutherland area (population 5569). There are minor concentrations in Canterbury-Bankstown (2203) and Fairfield-Liverpool (population 1842).

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The majority of Maltese immigrants reside in Melbourne's western suburbs of Sunshine (especially on Glengala Rd) and St Albans, and in Sydney's western suburbs of Greystanes and Horsley Park.

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  • Around 1,000 Pakistanis live in the federal capital, Canberra. Pakistani Australians tend to be urban, well-educated, and professional. Most of them migrate from large cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Multan and Peshawar, and tend to be familiar with Western culture and ways of living.

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  • This number includes the 24,017 Australian residents who were born in the Samoan Islands. 41.3 percent of Samoan Australians live in New South Wales, 33.9 percent live in Queensland, 21.1 percent live in Victoria, and just 1.9 percent live in Western Australia. Samoan Australians are the second largest Polynesian group behind Māori Australians.

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