How much does it cost to study medicine in australia?

Elisha Ziemann asked a question: How much does it cost to study medicine in australia?
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  • If you plan to get a medical degree in Australia then get ready to have your account loaded enough. International fees for medicine courses in Australia vary greatly from university to university, ranging from A$30,000 to A$80,000. As such, at the end of your studies after seven years the total cost of your degree can amount to around $300,000.
  • The average estimated cost of completing a medical studies degree in Australia is about AUD 250,000 (Around USD 200,000) to AUD 600,000 (Around USD 450,000). The fees also vary wildly depending on the university or institution and their respective courses/programs.
  • But taking in account that the cost of live is reasonable, Australian medical universities remain very attractive among international students. As example, the tuition fees for more medical undergraduate programs are around 57,760 to 71,488 Australian Dollars (approximately 40.000 to 49,100Euros/year) and this may increase every year.

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