What are the most dangerous things in australia?

Jacynthe Sanford asked a question: What are the most dangerous things in australia?
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  • Australians are just living with the knowledge that a large portion of the world’s deadliest creatures reside just outside their front doors. From jellyfish to spiders to sharks to snakes, there is a high likelihood you’ll come across one of these death threats at some point in your Aussie life. 6.
  • Snakes. You are more likely to come across a snake than any other dangerous animal whilst in Australia
  • Sharks. Technically Australia is an island and with such a huge coastline and all that water,eventually you are going to get sharks.
  • Crocodiles…
  • Stingers (Jelly Fish) Jelly Fish are also called “Stingers” in Australia and they appear in ocean waters…

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