What caused the hole in the ozone layer above australia?

Immanuel Bauch asked a question: What caused the hole in the ozone layer above australia?
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⭐ Where is australia affected by the ozone layer hole?

Southern Australia to be specific. It is because it is closer to the poles.

⭐ Is ozone therapy legal in australia?

  • Is ozone therapy legal in Australia? In Europe, patients have blood removed, treated with ozone and then reinserted into the body. It is believed to inactivate many disease bacteria and viruses. This is not allowed in Australia.

⭐ Where can i get ozone therapy in australia?

  • In Australia Ozone Therapy is not officially recognized yet as a part of mainstream medicine and is a part of Complementary Medicine. Many Ozone Therapy specialists may not be registered practitioners in Australia and considered as Complementary Medicine practitioners. The Nerve Pain Clinic. 77 Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill, NSW, 2154.

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The hole in the ozone layer is caused above Australia. It is also caused over the poles. It is due to low temperature.

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About 1,400 annually.

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What caused australia's uluru rock?

It was caused by wind

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Is australia located below or above the equator?

Australia is located below (south of) the equator. The entire continent is located within the Southern Hemisphere, which is why Australia is often called the Land Down Under. The distance from Darwin, on Australia's northern coast, to the Equator is approximately 1370 km. This is the equivalent of about 850 miles.

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Where is australia above or below the equator?

Australia is entirely south of the equator.

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How many feet above see level is newcastle australia?

Newcastle is 30 feet above sea level

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How many feet above seel level is newcastle australia?

Newcastle is 30 feet above sea level

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How many feet is point cook melbourne australia above sea level?

zero feet

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What were problems the convicts caused at sydney cove?

  1. They were hiding at work time. 2.They were hiding items. 3.They were stealing wine. 4.They were drunk.

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Is sydney above sea level?


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What is the highest point in sydney above sea level?

sydney tower has the highest pt...there maybe be higher mountains though

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What if australia?

  • Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. It is the largest country in Oceania and the world's sixth-largest country by total area.

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What surrounds australia?

Australia is an island, therefore it is surrounded on all sides with water. More specifically Australia is surrounded by the Tasman Sea, the Great Australian Bight, the Indian Ocean, the Timor Sea, the Arafura Sea, and the Coral Sea.

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What date does australia celebrate australia day?

Australians celebrate Australia Day on the 26th of January (26/01)

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What percentage of australia is western australia?

According to GeoScience Australia, Western Australia takes up 33% of Australia's total land mass.

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What sea separates northwest australia from australia?

Northwest Australia is part of the Australian continental land mass. There is no sea between. However, north of northwest Australia is the Timor Sea, while east of that is the Arafura Sea, which lies directly above the Norhern Territory.

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What year did australia get named australia?

Australia officially received its name of Australia in 1824.It became the Commonwealth of Australia upon Federation in 1901.

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What year was australia first called australia?

The name "Australia" was officially adopted in 1824. It was originally suggested by Matthew Flinders as early as 1814, and the term was used sporadically through the early 1800s.

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  • Being around 80 to 180 metres (260 to 590 ft) above sea level, the region is very hilly and has a higher elevation than the rest of Sydney. Most of the North Shore suburbs are part of the Hawkesbury Plateau, a large sandstone plateau overlaid by a system of hilly ridges and gullies.

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Australia is the name of both the continent and the country.

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Australia is its own continent.

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