What continent australia belong?

Neil Smith asked a question: What continent australia belong?
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⭐ In what continent does australia belong?

Australia is both a country and a continent. The country of Australia belongs to the continent of Australia.

⭐ Which continent does australia belong to?

  • Australia is a country that comprises the mainland of the continent of Oceania & Australia. It is the sixth largest country in the world. The nation comprises of mainland Australia (commonly known as the Continent of Australia), the island state of Tasmania , and about 8,221 smaller islands.

⭐ In what continent australia?

Australia is the name of both the continent and the country.

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Australia is its own continent.

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Is australia a continent?

  • What Continent Is Australia In? Geography. Australia sits on the Indo-Australian plate… Flora and Fauna. Australia is very biodiverse… Government. The Commonwealth of Australia, as the country is officially known, is divided into six states and two mainland territories which also function as states. Economy. Australia has a market economy…

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What country does sydney australia belong to?

This is a "What color is George Washington's white horse?" type question.The city of Sydney, Australia is in the country of Australia, specifically in the Province of New South Wales.

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Does australia belong to europe?

No. Australia is its own country. It was colonised by the British, and thus was part of the British Empire for many years. However, it gradually achieved complete autonomy and self-government during the twentieth century.

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Does vanuatu belong to australia?

No. Vanuatu does not belong to Australia, nor has it ever been part of Australian territory.

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Australia was part of what super continent?


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What continent is the country of australia?

australia is its own continent.

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What is the continent of healesville australia?

Australia is a continent as well as a country. Therefore the continent of Healesville, Australia is Australia.

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What is the driest continent in australia?

Australia IS a continent. You don't get other continents inside a continent.

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How many continent in australia?

Australia is a continent in itself. So only 1.

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Is australia a cold continent?

No. Australia is not a cold continent. Due to the large number of hot deserts, it is generally regarded as a "hot continent".

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Is australia the driest continent?

Not quite. Australia is the driest inhabited continent, but the driest continent is actually Antarctica.

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Map of continent of australia?

Whereis® are the leading providers of map data in Australia. See related link below.

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Was australia a criminal continent?

Australia was used as a prison for criminals from many European countries

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Why is australia a continent?

Australia is a continent because it is on a separate continental shelf to Asia

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Does new zealand belong to australia?

No. Australia and New Zealand are different countries.

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Does the fox belong to australia?

no. the fox is an introduced species, brought to Australia for the sport of foxhunting.

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Why australia belong to capitalist country?

Australia is a sovereign nation and does not 'belong' to anyone. The economic system in Australia is their own affair. Australia chooses to use the capitalistic economy model, as is their right. Being settled by the British, it was modelled on the British system.

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What continent has smaller land europe or australia?

Australia is smaller than Europe.

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What continent is farther south africa or australia?


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What continent is the northern territory australia in?

The Northern Territory of Australia is situated on the continent of Australia. Australia is an island continent.

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What is the smallest continent europe or australia?

Australia is the smallest continent.

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What is true about the continent in australia?

Australia (the continent) includes Australia (the country), New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Oceania.

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