What country is located on the south-east of sydney?

Carson Bergnaum asked a question: What country is located on the south-east of sydney?
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⭐ What country is located south east of sydney?

New Zealand.

⭐ What country is located to the south east of sydney?

New Zealand.

⭐ What state is located in the south east of sydney?

There is no state south east of Sydney there is only the Pacific Ocean

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New Zealand

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Is sydney located in victoria tasmania or new south wales?

Sydney is located in New South Wales.

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In what country is sydney?

Sydney is the largest city in Australia. It is the capital city of the state of New South Wales.

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What country does sydney in?

AUSTRALIA! If you didn't know that than god help you

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What country is opposite sydney?

Which is the opposite side of the world from Australia?

  • The antipode, or opposite point, of pretty much anywhere in Australia is the Atlantic ocean. If you're on the east coast, you'd come up closer to Africa and Europe; on the west, closer to the United States.

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What country is sydney australia?

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, Australia.

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What country is sydney in?


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Is dubbo east of sydney?

It is west.

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Is sydney east of perth?

Sydney in Australia is east of Perth in Australia, though not exactly due east, as Perth is slightly further north.

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What island is located east of australia?


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Is victoria south east in australia?

Yes, Southeast Victoria does exist in Australia in the province of Victoria.

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What towns are south of sydney?

  • Wollongong & Illawarra.
  • Shellharbour.
  • Kiama.
  • Shoalhaven & Jervis Bay.
  • Batemans Bay & Eurobodalla.
  • Merimbula & Sapphire Coast.

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What continent is sydney located?

Australia, Oceania

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What state is sydney located?


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South sydney rabbitohs premierships?

the rabbitohs have 20 premierships and there about to have 21 this year and 20 is the world record go the bunnies

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What is the large city in south-east australia?

Sydney and Melbourne are the two largest cities in southeast Australia. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and Melbourne is the capital of Victoria.

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Does south east of australia celebrate matariki?

No. Matariki is the Maori New Year, so it is celebrated in New Zealand. New Zealand is not part of Australia.

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Is new zealand south east of australia?

Yes. New Zealand is a separate country which lies to the southeast of Australia.

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What country is australia located in?

  • Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania , and numerous smaller islands. It is the largest country in Oceania and the world's sixth-largest country by total area.

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Is sydney a country?

Sydney is not a country. Sydney is one of the most famous cities located in Australia, and known for its iconic Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

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Sydney opera house's country?

The Sydney Opera House is in Sydney, in the country of Australia.

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Which country is sydney?

What country and continent is Sydney located in?

  • The Country Of Australia Sydney, Australia. Now that we've concluded that Australia is a country and a continent, with the country itself being on the continent, we should say a bit more about Australia as a country. The official name of Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia. It consists of the mainland of the continent and the island of Tasmania, as well as a large number of smaller islands.

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Is australia located east of antarctica?

Australia is located northwest of Antarctica.

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Is south australia a country?

No. South Australia is one of the six states of Australia, just a part of the whole country.

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Is brisbane south of sydney?

No. Brisbane is north of Sydney

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Is sydney in south australia?

No, Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. It is not in South Australia, but it does lie in the southern half of the continent.

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