What is longitude degee of sydney?

Shad Schamberger asked a question: What is longitude degee of sydney?
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⭐ Sydney australia latitude and longitude?

While the latitude in decimal degrees of Sydney, Australia is 33.8600 degrees South, its longitude is 151.2094 degrees East. Sydney was founded in 1788 as the first British colony.

⭐ What degrees latitude and longitude is sydney?

33.8600° s, 151.2111° e

⭐ What is sydney australia longitude and latitude?

34 South, 151 East

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The coordinates of Sydney, Australia is 33.8600° S, 151.2094° E

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What is the latitude and longitude of sydney harbour bridge?

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Coordinates: 33°51′08″S, 151°12′38″E

What is the degrees of longitude from sydney australia to california?

The centers of Sydney and Los Angeles are separated by 90.47 degrees of longitude.

What is the latitude and longitude of the sydney opera house?

Latitude: 33°51′25″S Longitude: 151°12′55″E

Latitude longitude australia?

The latitude and longitude of the capital Canberra is latitude 35.18 Longitude is 149.08about 135 degrees

What is the latitude and longitude of both new york city and sydney australia?

Sydney is located at 33.52 degrees S latitude and 151.13 degrees E longitude. New York is located at 40.43 degrees N latitude and 74.01 degrees W longitude.

What is australia's longitude and latitude?

The longitude and latitude of Australia is 27 degrees south and 133 degrees east. Australia's timezone is UTC/GMC + 8:45 hours.

What is sydney's latitdue and longitude?

33 Degrees 52 minutes S 151 degrees 13 minutes East

Does 150 degrees west in longitude run near sydney australia or anchorage alaska?

Anchorage is centered at about 150° west longitude.Sydney is centered at about 151° east longitude.

What is queensland australia's latitude and longitude?

It is located at 23 degrees South latitude and 143 degrees East longitude.

What named line of longitude crosses australia?

No "named" line of longitude crosses Australia. The Tropic of Capricorn (latitude) crosses Australia.

What is the latitude and longitude of australia?
  • The Commonwealth of Australia is located on the geographic coordinates of 25.0000° S latitude and 135.0000° E longitude in Australia. Australia, the smallest among the continents of the world, is located in between 27°00' South Latitude and 133°00' East Longitude .
What is the longitude and latitude of australia?

latitude - 20 and the longitude is 135

What are the latitude and longitude coordinates of australia?

-24.156329, 134.095203

What is the latitude and longitude of kuranda australia?

The latitude and longitude of Kuranda, Queensland, Australia are 16 degrees 49' S, 145 degrees 38' E. Its elevation is 1,083 feet.

What is the latitude and longitude of perth australia?

The latitude and longitude of Perth is 31 degrees south and 115 degrees east. Perth is a city located in Australia.

What is the longitude and latitude of albany australia?

Latitude: S 35° 1' 25.7617", Longitude: E 117° 53' 5.023"

What is the approximate longitude and latitude of sydeny australia?

latitude- 33 degrees south longitude- 151 degrees east

What is the latitude and longitude of brisbane in australia?

-27.46846 153.023422

What is the latitude and longitude of cairns in australia?

The latitude of Cairns is 16°57'S and the longitude is 145°45'E.

What is the latitude and the longitude of melbourne australia?

Latitude: S 37° 48' 49.0608" Longitude: E 144° 57' 47.0088"

Where is australia in latitude and longitude a map?

look at an atlas

What makes wet'n'wild sydney sydney so special?
  • Jason Dundas was in for a fun-filled and action packed day. The 25 hectare Wet’n’Wild Sydney is one of the world’s biggest and best water theme parks, with over 40 slides and attractions, state of the art guest experiences and world-class facilities.
What architect created the sydney opera house sydney?

The architect of Sydney Opera House, Jørn Utzon was a relatively unknown 38 year old Dane in January 1957 when his entry was announced winner of the international competition to design a 'national opera house' for Sydney's Bennelong Point.

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