What is the degrees of longitude from sydney australia to california?

Kayley Bartell asked a question: What is the degrees of longitude from sydney australia to california?
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⭐ What degrees latitude and longitude is sydney?

33.8600° s, 151.2111° e

⭐ Sydney australia latitude and longitude?

While the latitude in decimal degrees of Sydney, Australia is 33.8600 degrees South, its longitude is 151.2094 degrees East. Sydney was founded in 1788 as the first British colony.

⭐ Does 150 degrees west in longitude run near sydney australia or anchorage alaska?

Anchorage is centered at about 150° west longitude.Sydney is centered at about 151° east longitude.

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The centers of Sydney and Los Angeles are separated by 90.47 degrees of longitude.

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Latitude longitude australia?

The latitude and longitude of the capital Canberra is latitude 35.18 Longitude is 149.08about 135 degrees

How many degrees is it in sydney australia?
  • Sydney is known for its mild and warm climate; temperature in winter is rarely below 5 degrees There are more than 70 beaches and harbors in the city for the youth keen in surfing. The Bondi Beach, the well-known in there, is in 7 km away off the city center
How many miles from los angeles california to sydney australia?


What is the latitude and longitude of sydney?

Latitude: 33°51′35.9″S Longitude: 151°12′40″E

What is the latiude and longitude of sydney?

It is -33.8599 latitude and 151.2111 longitude.

What is the longitude oand latitude of sydney?

The longitude and latitude of Sydney is: 33° 52' S 151° 12' E

What direction would a plane going from sydney australia to california travel?


What degrees is in australia?

I am unsure quite what your asking, but I think you want to know what temperature system is used in Australia.In Australia, people use the Celsius system of Temperature Measurement.

What is degrees in australia?
  • Undergraduate - Bachelor's Degree (3, 4, or 5 years) in Australia. Bachelor’s degree programs prepare you for professional careers and/or postgraduate study. Programs and degree options offered in Australia include a professional degree, double degree, graduate entry degree and Honours degree.
How to call california from sydney?

How to call Australia from United States or Canada?

  • 011 - international access code; dial first when calling abroad from the US or Canada 61 - Country Code for Australia Phone Number (remove initial 0): fixed - 9 digits including area code
How long is a flight from anaheim california to sydney australia?

It would take around 16 hours.

What named line of longitude crosses australia?

No "named" line of longitude crosses Australia. The Tropic of Capricorn (latitude) crosses Australia.

What degrees is it in sydney now?

What's the time in Sydney Australia right now?

  • Time in Sydney, Australia now. Time in. Sydney. , Australia now. Time in Sydney, Australia now. 10:26:22pm.
What degrees is it today in sydney?

What's the weather like in Sydney in the summer?

  • Remember the seasons are reversed in Sydney so December, January, and February are usually the hottest months. Summers in Sydney are hot and sunny but with high rainfall. Average daily highs during summer are a very agreeable 26°C, while night-time temperatures don't fall below the high teens, even in December.
What is the air mileage distance from sydney australia to los angeles california?

The air distance from Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles, California, is 7,495 miles. That equals 12,062 kilometers or 6,513 nautical miles.

What is the latitude and longitude of both new york city and sydney australia?

Sydney is located at 33.52 degrees S latitude and 151.13 degrees E longitude. New York is located at 40.43 degrees N latitude and 74.01 degrees W longitude.

How do you ring 2 degrees from australia?
  1. From your 2degrees mobile. 200.
  2. From within NZ. 0800 022 022.
  3. From overseas. +64 22 200 2000.
  4. Telesales. 0800 022 055.
Does 150 degrees west run near sydney australia or anchorage alaska?

Anchorage is much closer to that longitude than Sydney is.

What capital city in south america is the same degrees as sydney australia?

Sydney, Australia is at 33.52 S latitude Santiago, Chile is at 33.27 S latitude Buenos Aires, Argentina is at 34.46 S latitudeSantiago, Chile is in at the same degrees south as Sydney, Australia. The coordinates are located at 33.27 degrees south.Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina, is close to the same latitude as Sydney, capital of the state of New South Wales, Australia.

What is the latitude and longitude of australia?
  • The Commonwealth of Australia is located on the geographic coordinates of 25.0000° S latitude and 135.0000° E longitude in Australia. Australia, the smallest among the continents of the world, is located in between 27°00' South Latitude and 133°00' East Longitude .
What is the longitude and latitude of australia?

latitude - 20 and the longitude is 135

What is the flying distance from california to sydney?

The flight distance from Los Angeles International Airport to Sydney, Australia is 7,484 miles / 12,044 km

What is the latitude and longitude of sydney harbour bridge?

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Coordinates: 33°51′08″S, 151°12′38″E