What is the direction from australia to japan?

Joesph Connelly asked a question: What is the direction from australia to japan?
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⭐ What direction is in indonesia from australia?

The direction from Australia to Indonesia is north-west.

⭐ How to call from australia to japan from japan?

  • If there is an area code dial area code of the city in Japan you are calling after dialing ISD Code. If there is no area code dial the Recipient's Telephone Number after ISD Code. Given below is how you call an international call to a mobile phone number in Japan from Australia • 0011 + 81 + 8?? ??? ???? • 0011 + 81 + 9?? ??? ????

⭐ Which direction is tasmania from australia?

southTasmania is IN Australia...but it is in the south eastern part of Australia.

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Japan is north of Australia.

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What direction would a plane going from sydney australia to california travel?


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What direction is beijing from sydney?


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What is the cost to send a postcard from japan to australia?

To send a postcard or greeting card from Australia to Japan the airmail price is $1.60.

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How did japan see australia?

Japan has almost always seen Australia as a friend and an economic partner. Even so, there were times, especially during World War 2 that Australia did not favor Japan.

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Why did australia fight japan?

because Australia hate and fight with japan first ^_^

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What are some similarities between australia and japan?

Supposedly, they were both penal colonies; Australia from Britain and Japan from China...

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What direction would you travel from the center of asia to the center of australia?


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How long does it take to mail from japan to australia?

Generally between 5-10 days

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How long is the flight from fukuoka japan to sydney australia?

If direct flight in about 9-11 hours

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Why did japan come to australia?

Japan did not come to Australia. Japan has always stayed exactly where it is. If the question refers to the Japanese bombing of Darwin and other northern locations in Australia during World War II, the Japanese troops themselves never came to Australia.

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What is the size of australia compared to japan?


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How long to does it take to get to japan from australia?

The distance from Tokyo to Sydney is 4824.4 Miles. The approximate travel time from Tokyo, Japan to Sydney, Australia is 10 hrs.

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How much bigger is australia then japan?

Japan can fit into Australia approximately 10 times

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What is the direction from sydney to coober pedy?

One must travel west to go from Sydney to Coober Pedy.

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How much is one direction backstage tickets in australia?

I dont think there is Back Stage tickets unless your, like driving them or something

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Which direction does the sun rise in sydney australia?

the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

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Which direction is the sun at midday in australia?

north or the highest point in the sky!!!!!!!!!!

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How long does it take to fly from tokyo japan to melbourne australia?

It's generally 9 hours direct from Sydney to Tokyo... the transfer flight from Melbourne to Sydney is an hour... SO... door to door you're looking at ten hours flat to fly from Melbourne to Tokyo.Tokyo (TYO) to Melbourne (MEL)Shortest Flight Duration 10 hours 30 mins

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How long does it take to mail a parcel from australia to japan?

too bloody long

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How much does it cost to ship a car from japan to australia?

Shipping costs as high as $12,000 per vehicle have been quoted, so we asked logistics firm Autohub what were the current costs of shipping vehicles to Australia from Japan. Charges range from as low as $I550 per vehicle up to $1990 – depending on the port in Australia and size of the vehicle.

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To travel from australia to south africa which direction would you need to go in?

you would have to go west

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How many times is australia larger than japan?

The area of Australia is more than 20 times the area of Japan.

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What is the most popular sports played in australia and japan?

In Australia, cricket. In Japan, karate.

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Which direction does water go down the plug in australia?

anti clockwise

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