What is the famous sea in australia?

Wilson Barton asked a question: What is the famous sea in australia?
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⭐ What australia is famous for?

  • Sydney Opera House.
  • Bondi Beach.
  • The Great Barrier Reef.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.
  • Blue Mountains National Park.
  • The Great Ocean Road & Other Epic Road Trips.
  • The Aboriginal Culture.

⭐ What is australia famous animal?

Australia's most famous animals are its marsupials. Koalas, kangaroos, and wombats are some of the world's best-loved animals. Australia is also famous for its large, scary alligators and its many deadly snake species. Australia has some unusual members of the monotreme family, including the platypus and echidna.

⭐ What is australia famous city?

Sydney and Melbourne are both famous cities in Australia.

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There are not any seas located in Australia. However, the Arafura Sea is located to the north and the Coral Sea is located to the east of Australia.

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What is south australia famous for?

lake Eyre lake Eyre

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What is the famous food australia?

Vegemite, Tim Tams, Lamingtons, Pavlova, Damper, ANZAC biscuits

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What is victoria australia famous for?


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What products are australia famous for?

  • Vegemite Toast. You either love it or hate it, but this salty savoury spread is a national icon…
  • Meat Pies…
  • Tim Tams…
  • Fairy Bread…
  • Fish & Chips…
  • Chicken Parmigiana…
  • Pavlova…
  • Aussie BBQ.

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Famous battles in australia?

Darwin, 1942; Attacked by Carrier planes.

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Famous buildings in australia?

Sydney Opera House; The Royal Melbourne Exhibition Buildings

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Famous people from australia?

famous people from this australia (living) and why are they famous

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South australia famous person?

Jason Gillespie.

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Way is australia famous?

Chinese food famous

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What are famous art paintings in australia?

What is the most famous art in australia

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What are some famous canals in australia?

Australia does not have any famous canals.

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What are some famous holidays in australia?

  • Australia's National Public Holidays are New Year's Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. All other public holidays such as Queen's Birthday and Labour Day are individually declared by the state and territory governments.

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What are some famous things in australia?

  • Some of the things Australia is famous for are: These include Uluru, a massive stone monolith in the middle of the continent. The Great Barrier Reef off the east coast of Queensland . the world’s largest coral reef. Other natural wonders include the various National Parks and wilderness areas in all of the states.

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What drink is south australia famous for?

The "Kahn Gah Roo"

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What famous people live in sydney, australia?

  • 1) Chris Hemsworth, 36. If you're looking for the hottest celebrities that live in Sydney, one of them has to be Chris Hemsworth! 2) Hugh Jackman, 51. The Aussie actor did a movie called Australia with Nicole Kidman back in 2008, taking us to the wild world of the Australian outback. 3) Russell Crowe, 55… 4) Mel Gibson, 63… 5) George Michael, 53…

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What is 3 famous foods in australia?

Apples, bananas, and pineapple

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What is a famous beer in australia?

Foster's beer, is Australia's most famous beer:)

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What is a famous biscuit in australia?

Two famous biscuits in Australia are ANZAC biscuits and Tim Tams.

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What is famous opera house in australia?

The Sydney opera house. on Benelong point near Circular Quay, Sydney NSW

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What is famous to buy in australia?

  • Australian Wine…
  • Opal Gemstones…
  • Vegemite…
  • Kangaroo leather products…
  • Tea tree oil…
  • Tim Tams! ...
  • Traditional art and handicrafts…
  • Didgeridoos.

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