What is the highest mountain in the northern territory australia?

Jaylen Grady asked a question: What is the highest mountain in the northern territory australia?
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⭐ What continent is the northern territory australia in?

The Northern Territory of Australia is situated on the continent of Australia. Australia is an island continent.

⭐ What are some natural resources in northern territory australia?

coal, wool, trees ,and tropical fruit . coal, wool, trees ,and tropical fruit .

⭐ How to call northern territory australia from new zealand?

  • How to call Northern Territory in Australia from New Zealand: 00 - Exit code when making an international call from New Zealand 61 - Australian country code for inbound calls 00 + 61 + City Code + Local Number - International dialing code format

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The highest mountain in the Northern Territory, Australia, is Mt Zeil, at 1531m.

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What is the best time to visit the northern territory of australia?

The best time to visit the Northern Territory is from about May through to August. Avoid summer (December to February) as the monsoonal rains can be severe, and the weather is also very hot and humid.

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Is australia the highest mountain in oceania?

australia is a continent........

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The state west of south australia and west of northern territory?

Western Australia lies west of South Australia and the Northern Territory.

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Which state in australia is directly south of the northern territory?

South Australia is directly south of the Northern Territory.

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Why is the northern territory is one hour behind south australia?

Despite being in the same time zone, the Northern Territory is one hour behind South Australia during Dalyight Saving. This is because the Northern Territory has opted to not follow Daylight Saving time during summer.

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What is the road distance from perth western australia to alice springs northern territory australia?

It is 3,608 kilometers according to Google Maps.

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What is the highest mountain in each state of australia?

  • Australian highest mountains are in Snowy Mountains of New South Wales and Great Dividing Range that covers New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Snowy Mountains are the highest mountain range of Australia. It covers a variety of climatic conditions that will support various different ecosystems.

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Can a new zealand lawyer act in the northern territory of australia?

no they have to have passed the bar in Australia

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How long drive from sydney to northern territory?

Yes, the driving distance between Sydney to Northern Territory is 3931 km. It takes approximately 40h 31m to drive from Sydney to Northern Territory.

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What territory is farther south in australia?

The territory farther south in Australia is Victoria.

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What lies beyond northern australia?

The Timor Sea and the Arafura S ea lie beyond northern Australia. Beyond that is the large island of New Guinea and the many islands of Indonesia.

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What year did south australia become a territory?

It's a state, not a territory

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What is the highest point in sydney's northern beaches?

Beacon Hill. Not that interesting!

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Australia mountain ranges?

The highest mountain range in Australia is Mount Kosciuszko. Othe mountain ranges include Mount McClintock, Mount Menzies, and Mawson Peak.

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Mountain in new south wales that is the highest point in australia?

i don' know it, can antone answer it

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What is australia highest peek?

Kosciusko is the highest peak in australia. It is 7310 ft (2228 m).

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What is the largest territory by area in australia?

  • The size of these territories varies greatly. The largest is the Australian Antarctic Territory covering almost 5.9 million square kilometres. The smallest, which are only 2 square kilometres, are in the Ashmore and Cartier Islands Territory off Western Australia.

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Is northen territory a country in australia?

No it is a derisory administered by the Federal government of Australia.

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Sydney is in which territory of australia?

australia map with states and cities australia states

At Federation in 1901, what is now the Northern Territory was within South Australia, what are now the Australian Capital Territory and the Jervis Bay Territory were within New South Wales, and Coral Sea Islands was part of Queensland. ... States.

StateNew South Wales
GovernorMargaret Beazley

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Which territory in australia is sydney located?

Sydney is in the state (not territory) of New South Wales.

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