What is the largest group of islands to the north of australia?

Ryley Jakubowski asked a question: What is the largest group of islands to the north of australia?
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⭐ What are the islands north of australia called?

The great arc of islands located north and east of Australia and south of the Equator is called Melanesia (from the Greek words melas, “black,” and nēsos, “island”) for the predominantly dark-skinned peoples of New Guinea island, the Bismarck Archipelago, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu (the New Hebrides), New Caledonia, and ...

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⭐ What is the largest ethnic group in australia?

The largest ethnic group in Australia are the Italians.The estimated resident population of Italians in Australia, as of the 2006 Census, was 220,469. This is ahead of the Chinese (203,143) and Vietnamese (180,352).

⭐ What is the island group north of australia?

The island group north of Australia is Indonesia or the Indonesian Archipelago. It has over 17,000 islands with a population of more than 200 million.

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The largest group of islands directly to Australia's north is Indonesia.

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What is the population of geo group australia?

The population of GEO Group Australia is 2,008.

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What is the population of insurance australia group?

The population of Insurance Australia Group is 12,700.

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What is the rarest blood group in australia?

Most probably AB

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When was geo group australia created?

GEO Group Australia was created in 1991.

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When was insurance australia group created?

Insurance Australia Group was created in 2000.

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When was transit australia group created?

Transit Australia Group was created in 2008.

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What are the 3 largest deserts in australia?

The 3 largest deserts in Australia are the Great Victoria Desert, the Great Sandy Desert and the Tanami Desert.

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What are the 8 largest cities of australia?

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra

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What is the largest tropical rainforest in australia?

The biggest tropical rainforest in Australia is the Daintree, in far north Queensland. However, it is not Australia's largest rainforest, as Australia has more than just tropical rainforests: it also has warm-temperate and cool-temperate rainforests. The Tarkine, in Tasmania, is Australia's largest wilderness rainforest.

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What is the third largest city in australia?

Australia's third largest city, after Sydney and Melbourne, is Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland.

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What is the third largest island in australia?

Including Tasmania, the island state of Australia, as the largest island, the third largest island of Australia would be Kangaroo Island.

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Which ethnic group first settled in australia?

The Australian Aboriginal people were the first ethnic group to settle in Australia. DNA testing has shown they are closest in ethnicity to the people of the Indian sub-continent.

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Is australia moving north or south?

  • The Australian plate is the fastest continental plate on the planet, moving northwards and slightly to the east by about 7 centimetres each year.

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What group of europeans used kings park in western australia?

who used kings park and what did they used it for

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What is the fastest growing ethnic group today in australia?

The fastest growing ethnic group in Australia are Indian Australians. Indian Australians are born in Australia but of Indian descent.

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If australia sunk what would be the largest country?

No Doubt Russia. Even if Australia didn't sink, Russia, Canada and America are much bigger than Australia.

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What are the 4 largest populated states in australia?

NSW Vic Qld WA

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What is the largest city in australia and the largest city in new zealand?

The most populous cities in Australia and New Zealand are Sydney and Auckland respectively.

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How did the british group travel to australia?

The British could only travel to Australia by one method in those days - ships.

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Is clydesdale bank part of national australia group?

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks are both owned by National Australia Group (NAG).

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Is london the largest city in australia?

No. Sydney the capital of NSW is.

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