What is the translation of 'lakad na kami manila tapos australia' from filipino to english?

Lilla O'Reilly asked a question: What is the translation of 'lakad na kami manila tapos australia' from filipino to english?
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⭐ How many hours air travel from australia to manila?

The flight distance from Manila, Philippines to Sydney, Australia is 3,884 miles / 6,251 km.

⭐ How many hours flying time from manila to sydney australia?

Seven hours.

⭐ Are there any filipino registered nurses in australia?

  • The course, which costs approximately 12,500 Australian Dollars, will start in November 2014. Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday announced the start of this month of a bridging program for Filipino registered nurses and nursing educators between the Philippines and Australia.

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We're going to Manila then to Australia.

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When did the english settlers come to australia?

The first fleet arrived in 1788, and were the first British settlers.

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Who were the first english migrants to australia?

The First Fleet brought the first English migrants, or settlers, to Australia on 26 January 1788. These were the convicts, officers and marines, and their families.

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What does australia import from china?

China exports things like garmets and machinery and mechanical products.

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What does australia import from singapore?


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What sea separates australia from indonesia?

The Timor Sea separates northwest Australia from Indonesia, and the Arafura Sea separates the northern regions of Australia from the part of Indonesia which occupies the western half of the island of New Guinea.

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What is the distance from miami australia to sydney australia?

The distance from Miami, Queensland to Sydney in New South Wales, Australia is approximately 857km if you follow the Pacific Highway.

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How do you call an english mobile in australia?

To call an English mobile that is roaming in another country, dial the English mobile number exactly the same way you would if the mobile were in England. English mobile numbers begin with +44 74 through +44 79. On a GSM mobile, enter the number in international format, beginning with the plus sign. Otherwise, replace the plus sign with your international access prefix (most commonly 00, but many countries use other prefixes. Australia uses 0011 and other prefixes.).

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What aid does malaysia receive from australia?

Foreign aid

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What airlines fly to fiji from australia?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Fiji? Qantas, Fiji Airways, Virgin Australia and Jetstar all fly direct to Fiji.

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What direction is in indonesia from australia?

The direction from Australia to Indonesia is north-west.

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What distance from your home to australia?

I live in Australia :)

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What does australia import from south africa?

australia imports australia trade

6.4 Australia imports resource-based and agricultural products from SADC. Particular examples include unmanufactured tobacco, paper and paper products, fertiliser, pig iron granules, silver, platinum and crude petroleum.

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What is a reddish dog from australia?


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What is the closest place from australia?

Papua New Guinea

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Big bird from australia?

No, Big Bird from sesame street is not from Australia

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Do you need esl certificate to teach english in australia?

  • Since Australia is an English-speaking country with English curricula, ESL certificates are not required unless the teacher wishes to teach an ESL course to speakers of a foreign language living in Australia. A visa is required to relocate to teach in Australia.

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Which state in australia was first settled by english settlers?

All of the states in Australia are first settled by English settlers in one form or another - either as convicts, military or free settlers. New South Wales was the first state to be settled.

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What is the air kilometer distance from townsville australia to perth australia?

The air distance from Townsville, Australia, to Perth, Australia, is 2,111 miles. That equals 3,398 kilometers or 1,835 nautical miles.

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What is the air mileage distance from melbourne australia to perth australia?

The air distance from Melbourne, Australia, to Perth, Australia, is 1,695 miles. That equals 2,727 kilometers or 1,472 nautical miles.

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Flight time from perth australia to cairns australia?

6 hours, 25-40 minutes

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How far from sydney australia to cooktown australia?

The approximate distance from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to Cooktown, Queensland, Australia is approximately 2,718 if you take the Carnarvon Highway (probably the most direct driving route availabe). You can also take the Castlereagh Highway (which means it increases to 2,838km) or the Mitchell Highway (which means it increases to 2,916km). The average driving time for this is: Carnarvon Highway - 1 day and 10 hours. Castlereagh Highway - 1 day and 11 hours. Mitchell Highway - 1 day and 13 hours.

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