What temperature zone is sydney?

Llewellyn Hoeger asked a question: What temperature zone is sydney?
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⭐ What climate zone is sydney?

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Sydney falls in the temperate climate zone which has warm to hot summers and no dry season. Sydney's plant hardiness zone ranges from zone 11a to 9b throughout the metropolitan area.

⭐ What time zone is sydney?

...Eastern standard time

⭐ Which zone sydney lies?

Sydney is in Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10) from the 1st Sunday of April to the 1st Sunday of October and Eastern Summer Time (UTC+11) during the rest of the year.

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temperate zone

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What is sydney australia's average minimum temperature?

It depends on the season. Average minimums for Sydney vary greatly from summer to winter. See the related link below for average monthly minimums.

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What is sydney australias average summer temperature?


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What is the autumn temperature in sydney?

The average temperature should range from around 15°C (59°F) at night to 22°C (72°F) in Sydney, Australia.

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What is the coldest temperature in sydney?

the minimun of coldeness in sydney is 27.6 deegrees because it is a hot place so it keep it's hotness some day ? what is your answer

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What is the summer temperature in sydney?

25-35°C, depending.

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What is the climate zone of sydney australia?

  • The climate of Sydney is humid subtropical (Köppen Cfa), shifting from mild and cool in winter to warm and hot in the summer, with no extreme seasonal differences as the weather is moderated by proximity to the ocean, although more contrasting temperatures are recorded in the inland western suburbs.

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What is the time zone for sydney australia?

  • Local Time. Time Zone. UTC Offset. Sydney (Australia - New South Wales) Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 12:55:51 am. AEST. UTC+10 hours. Auckland (New Zealand - Auckland)

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What is the time zone in sydney australia?

  • Time zone: Australia/Sydney. Time Zone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) = UTC+10. Daylight Saving Time Zone: Australia Eastern Daylight Time ( AEDT ) = UTC+11.

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What is the most highest temperature in sydney?

The record high in Sydney, Australia was 45.3 C.

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What is the temperature in sydney during christmas?

Very hot, mid 80's Fahrenheit.

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What is the time zone abbreviation for sydney australia?

australia time zones australia map

Daylight saving

Time zoneState or territoryCity
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)QueenslandBrisbane
Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)New South Wales (except Broken Hill), Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital TerritorySydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra

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What is the zone of climate in sydney australia?


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Is sydney australia temperature or tropical?

Australia is quite tropical but calm country.

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What is the average temperature in february in sydney?

Average maximum temperature in February Sydney 25.6 Average minimum temperature in February Sydney 18.7

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What is the average winter temperature in sydney australia?

  • In winter, generally, expect cool conditions. The average temperature should range from around 46 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius) at night to 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius) in the daytime in mid-winter. The mild climate of spring makes the popular walking tours of Sydney much more enjoyable.

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What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in sydney?

The lowest temperature recorded in Sydney was -4oC. It was in August.

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What was the coldest temperature ever recorded in sydney?


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What was the lowest temperature recorded in sydney australia?

  • These records were observed at Sydney's Observatory Hill Park and go back to 1859 with a few years missing data. The lowest temperature measured during that time was 2 degrees Celsius (36 Fahrenheit) on June 22, 1932; July 12, 1890 and July 8, 1861. Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology. Climate Data Online. Jay Lawrimore. 2016.

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Does sydney australia have a temperate climate zone?

Yes. Sydney lies within the temperate climate zone.

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Is sydney likely to experience subduction zone earthquakes?

No. It is impossible actually. The nearest subduction zone to Sydney is over 6,000 miles away. Any earthquake that would occur in Sydney would be an intraplate earthquake.

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Is sydney the same time zone as melbourne?

south wales australia australia time now

Time zones in Australia

All of Victoria operates on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) which is 10 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania all share the same time zone as Victoria.

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What is the average temperature in august in sydney australia?

winter is cold about ..... less than 20 more than 10? barely but it doesn't snow :( source: birthday in august

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