When is tax due australia 2018?

Delilah O'Kon asked a question: When is tax due australia 2018?
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The key date you need to know is: October 31. October 31 is the tax return due date if you're lodging your tax return yourself for the previous financial year (July 1 – June 30).


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When to do tax return 2018 australia?
  • Australian tax returns for the tax year beginning 1 July and ending 30 June of the following year are generally due on 31 October after the end of the tax year. Australian individual taxpayers can file their return online with the ATO's myTax software, by ordering a printed copy of the tax return form, or with the assistance of a tax agent.
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  • Tax return for individuals 2018 To get your refund faster – generally within 2 weeks – join over 3 million Australians and lodge your tax return online with myTax this year.
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  • 30 June 2021 Official end of the 2021 fiscal year. 1 July 2021 The Australian Taxation Office begins to process tax returns from the fiscal year just ended.
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  • The Australian financial year runs from 1st July to 30th June each year. Tax returns can be lodged any time from 1 st July to 31 st October, for the previous financial year. If you do not lodge your tax return within this time frame, you may cope a penalty. The current Tax rates for Holiday Visa Makers
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When can i do my taxes for 2018 australia?
  • Here are the most important Australian tax dates that every backpacker should know. When is tax season in Australia? Tax season in Australia runs from 1 July – 31 October for individuals (businesses have to submit monthly and quarterly activity statements all year round).
When can i file my taxes in 2018 australia?

When do I have to file my tax return in Australia?

  • 21 January 2021 The first deadline for monthly PAYG activity statements falling in 2020. As the Australian tax system runs on a Pay As You Go basis where tax is automatically deducted, it's necessary for your employer to lodge monthly activity statements on the 21st of every month.