Where are brown coal deposits found in australia?

Rhoda Raynor asked a question: Where are brown coal deposits found in australia?
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  • The Latrobe Valley in Victoria, Australia, contains estimated reserves of some 65 billion tonnes of brown coal. The deposit is equivalent to 25 percent of known world reserves. The coal seams are up to 100 metres thick, with multiple coal seams often giving virtually continuous brown coal thickness of up to 230 metres.


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  • Coal is mined in every state of Australia. Mining occurs mainly in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. About 75% of coal mined in Australia is exported, mostly to eastern Asia , and of the balance most is used in electricity generation.

⭐ Where is black coal found in australia?

  • Black coal resources occur in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia (Figure 3.4) but New South Wales (23%) and Queensland (63%) have the largest share of Australia's total identified in situ resources (Figure 3.5). These two states are also the largest coal producers.

⭐ What is brown coal used for in australia?

  • Brown and black coal are mostly used as a source of fuel for power stations. Burning the coal produces heat which is used to make steam, so the the coal is sometimes called thermal or steam coal. The steam spins turbines to generate electricity. In Australia in 2017 coal was used to produce about 60% of the nation's electricity requirements.

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Top 10 countries with largest coal reserves || largest coal reserves !! How much coal is in australia?
  • Australia has the fourth-largest share of coal reserves in the world. Since the late 1700s about 9100 million tonnes of black coal and about 2300 million tonnes of brown coal have been mined in Australia and the industry still provides significant employment, capital investment and domestic and export income to the national economy.
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