Where are the best pubs in sydney?

Burnice Ritchie asked a question: Where are the best pubs in sydney?
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  • Immerse yourself in this 18th Century inspired London tavern with cocktails, cask ales and distinctly British eats. The Victorian-era tavern, The Duke of Clarence provides a characteristically British experience from the heart of Sydney, easily making it one of the best pubs in Sydney. 7. The Lord Dudley
  • Bring on Cafe Sydney with all the food, all the drinks, and all the Sydney views… just everything really. Clovelly Hotel is the iconic seaside pub that’s lush AF. It has an epic beer garden, as all good pubs do, overlooking Clovelly Beach.
  • The Old Fitz is the only the pub in Australia with its own theatre. Located downstairs, beneath the bar, the 60-seater room hosts some of the best independent productions in Sydney. On Tuesdays, all tickets are $25.

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