Where does australia location on the earth?

Gaetano Hane asked a question: Where does australia location on the earth?
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⭐ Driest location in australia?

The driest location of Australia is Coober Pedy. Coober Pedy is a desert location in Australia that gets only 159 mm of rain a year.

⭐ Relative location of sydney australia?

Yes it is

⭐ Strip-mining location in australia?


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Well - what about using a) Google Earth b) Google Maps c) Wikipedia or - if you're really nerdy.... try a World map....!

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How close was australia to its present location?
  • Australia was very close to its present global position. Sea levels fell, creating temporary land bridges between mainland Australia and Tasmania in the south, and Australia and New Guinea in the north.
What is the absolute location for sydney australia?

The absolute location of Sydney, Australia is 33.8600 degrees S, 151.2094 degrees E. Sydney has an estimated population of 4.576 million.

What is the absolute location of sydney australia?
  • Absolute Location: Sydney Australia is located exactly 33.8600°S and 151.2094°E (longitude and latitude).
What is the exact location of sidney australia?

Sydney, Australia is located at 33.52 S latitude and 151.13 E longitude.

What is the exact location of sydney australia?

Sydney, Australia 33°55' S 151°10' E

What is the relative location of sydney australia?

Sydney, Australia is directly south of Papua New Guinea!

What is the relative location of western australia?
  • /  26°S 121°E  / -26; 121 Western Australia (abbreviated as WA) is a state occupying the western 32.9 percent of the land area of Australia excluding external territories. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the north and west, and the Southern Ocean to the south, the Northern Territory to the north-east, and South Australia to the south-east.
How much of the land area of earth does australia make up?

Approximately 5.2 % of the earths total land area.

Where does australia export diamonds to?

the diamonds go to USA

Where does australia export iron ore?

China and other various places... google it :P

Where does australia export its commodities?
  • Australia also exports its commodities to the United States (making up just 3.5% of its export destinations) and the United Kingdom (making up only 1.5% of its export destinations). Other lesser export destinations include Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Germany, Turkey, and Brazil.
Where does australia export meat to?

Australia export meat all over the world

Where does australia export rice to?

Australian rice is exported to over 70 countries, including the Middle East, Japan and Hong Kong.

Where does australia export uranium to?

Japan, South Korea, United States, China, United Kingdom, etc.

Where does australia export wheat to?

Australia exports wheat to countries around the world, but primarily to Southeast Asia. This areas is preferred due to its relative proximity and lower shipping costs.

Where does australia get its oil?

Australia gets a good deal of its own oil, but it also imports from the middle east.

Where does australia get its steel?

Port Kembla, which produced its first steel in 1928, is the nation's biggest steel plant, with capacity to make 2.6 million tonnes of raw steel every year. Iron ore from Western Australia, and coking coal brought in from South 32's mines just a stone's throw from Wollongong, are fed into the huge No.

Where does australia have its holiday?

no where cause Australia dosent move. Australians on the other hand have holidays all over the world.

Where does australia import tea from?

Australia is increasingly growing more of its own tea, but it still imports a great deal. Depending on the individual manufacturer, tea is imported from China, Sri Lanka, India and Kenya.

Where does australia lies from nepal?

Australia is nearly 8000 kilometres or nearly 5000 miles southeast of Nepal.

Where does australia send illegal immigrants?

Australian immigration detention facilities comprise a number of different facilities throughout Australia (including one on the Australian territory of Christmas Island).

Where does lachlan live in australia?
  • Lachlan currently lives in Brisbane Australia. Although he hasn’t had a house tour we know he has been living in the same house since around 2018. We’ve seen five rooms.