Where does australian aid money go?

Bradley Stracke asked a question: Where does australian aid money go?
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  • In recent years, however, more Australian aid has gone to projects in Africa and Latin America. Critics point out that, when the government decided in late 2012 to spend A$375m in aid money on people seeking asylum in Australia, the country in effect became the third largest recipient of its own foreign aid. Health or education?


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  • The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) defines the money market as, "The market that deals in short-term discount securities such as Treasury notes, bank bills and promissory notes." What is the money market?

⭐ How does the australian government raise money for services?

  • All levels of government raise money, through collecting taxes, to pay for services provided to Australians. Local councils also receive funding from the federal government and state governments.

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The federal Government raises around 81 per cent of total tax revenue in Australia. State and Territory governments receive 45 per cent of their revenue through transfers from the federal Government, including all GST revenue.

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In 2011-12, the average Australian man (18 years and over) was 175.6 cm tall and weighed 85.9 kg. The average Australian woman was 161.8 cm tall and weighed 71.1 kg. On average, Australians are growing taller and heavier over time.

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  • Where Does Tobacco Tax Money Go? As of 2009, the federal excise tax on a pack of cigarettes is $1.01. This tax money goes to fund the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).