Where is netflix's australian series shot?

Cortez Mertz asked a question: Where is netflix's australian series shot?
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  • Several Australian series on Netflix are shot in Melbourne. Sisters is a humorous Australian show on Netflix about a woman who discovers she has over 100 brothers and two sisters.


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Where was Australian Survivor filmed? In 2021, the show was filmed across multiple Outback Queensland locations, primarily on two cattle stations in the North West outback's Cloncurry for most of the camps, Tribal Council and challenges.

⭐ Where is australian survivor filmed?

  • Australian Survivor 2017 is filmed on the beautiful island of Upolu in Samoa. The location is the most used in Survivor shows history, with over 5 series being filmed here.

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  • In Australia, Australian Paper produce office and printing paper at their Maryvale facility in Victoria. Australian Paper is the Australian division of the giant Japanese paper company Nippon Paper and the only manufacturer of white copy and print paper in Australia.

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