Where was the matrix filmed in sydney?

Gaston Mertz asked a question: Where was the matrix filmed in sydney?
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The matrix, the awa building & the hermetic code

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  • "The Matrix" was filmed on location in Sydney - on soundstages and, for two months, on Sydney's streets and rooftops and in warehouses. Joel Silver enthused about using Sydney as a location for the production: "Filmmaking expertise, competitive costs and a great spirit of cooperation all enhanced Sydney's appeal.

Almost all of the Matrix was filmed in the heart of Sydney's Central Business District. The training scene with the woman in the red dress was done at a fountain near the corner of Martin Pl and Pitt St. If you've ever wanted to have lunch with Agent Smith head to Chifley Plaza at 2 Chifley Square.


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  • Blues Point | North Sydney Blues Point located in North Sydney is a perfect location to catch a sensational Sydney sunrise. You will have an uninterrupted view of the Sydney Habour Bridge with the Sydney Opera House and city as a backdrop to the right. If you’re there early enough you will have the lights of the bridge reflecting in the water.

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The series is filmed at Sunset Las Palmas Studios. Production began the same day the series was announced. Mostly this is a flashback series, which follows Sydney as a kid, and then Max in the '90s. Usually, Sydney and Max are going through the same situation.

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Where was Mission Impossible 2 filmed in Australia?

  • Mission: Impossible 2 location: the 'Seville' mansion: Boomerang, Billyard Avenue, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney | Photograph: Wikimedia / Clytemnestra The 'Seville' scenes were also shot in Australia, on Argyle Place in The Rocks, the revived historic core at the foot of the Sydney harbour Bridge.

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Matrix movie tour - sydney australia - july, 2008

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Filming in part took place at the Murray River region of the Riverland and Murraylands in South Australia where the picturesque location provided the perfect contrasting scenery to the arid outback scenes.

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The fictional town of Whyhope is home to the 'Doctor Doctor' TV series, filmed in part in Mudgee. Our tour will take in some of the famous landmarks as we explore this colonial and charming town and region.

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Where Was Peter Rabbit Filmed? Peter Rabbit was filmed in Kensington in London, Windermere and Ambleside in the Lake District, and Sydney and Camden in Australia.

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Shot predominantly in the Adelaide Hills, the comedy was the first to use the SAFC-commissioned Deloitte Risk Advisory Tool, specifically developed to help productions get up and running under COVID-safe guidelines.

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  • Due to the Acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney, Fox Studios has been designated to Disney and Marvel productions, resulting in ITV Studios Australia becoming the new home location for The Voice.

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  • There are two main locations where Home and Away is filmed, the studio in Redfern and most of the outdoor scenes at Summer Bay, which is actually Sydney’s Palm beach. There are currently no public access to, or tours of, the Redfern studios but the outdoor sets (Palm Beach) are accessible to the public.
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  • Mission: Impossible 2 location: the 'Seville' mansion: Boomerang, Billyard Avenue, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney | Photograph: Wikimedia / Clytemnestra The 'Seville' scenes were also shot in Australia, on Argyle Place in The Rocks, the revived historic core at the foot of the Sydney harbour Bridge.

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The movie was shot in November 2013 in New South Wales small town Gulgong and the office setting was shot in Sydney.

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  • The closest major airport to Airport Avenue, Sydney, Australia is Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD / YSSY). This airport is in Sydney, Australia and is 24 km from the center of Airport Avenue, Sydney, Australia. If you're looking for international or domestic flights to SYD, check the airlines that fly to SYD.
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Kotara is a suburb of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, located 9 kilometres (6 mi) from Newcastle's central business district. It is part of the City of Newcastle local government area. Kotara is known as one of Newcastle's largest retail destinations and is characterised by its family centred culture.

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  • Legoland Sydney's signature ‘pick-a-brick’ wall. Expect larger-than-life bespoke 3D models including a 1.5m shark guy. LEGO® Play tables so kids can play before they buy. And two floors of LEGO® products, including hard-to-find products such as the new LEGO® Mustang set!
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Sydney Harbour Bridge in Port Jackson, New South Wales, Australia. Spanning 503 metres (1,650 feet), the structure is one of the longest steel-arch bridges in the world. The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour).

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Share All sharing options for: 2021 Orlando Pride Season in Review: Sydney Leroux. The Orlando Pride acquired Sydney Leroux on Feb. 2, 2018 from the Utah Royals for a first-round 2019 NWSL Draft pick.

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  • Located on Australia's east coast, the metropolis surrounds Port Jackson and sprawls about 70 km (43.5 mi) on its periphery towards the Blue Mountains to the west, Hawkesbury to the north and Macarthur to the south. Sydney is made up of 658 suburbs, 40 local government areas and 15 contiguous regions.
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  • Absolute Location: Sydney Australia is located exactly 33.8600°S and 151.2094°E (longitude and latitude).
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Vivid Sydney is an annual festival of light, music and ideas, held in Sydney, Australia.

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  • Best Things To Do in Sydney. There are plenty of museums to explore, too, such as the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Australian National Maritime Museum, while the Royal Botanic Garden and The Rocks neighborhood are ideal for a leisurely stroll.
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Reckoning. Sydney goes undercover in a mental institution to meet a guy programmed to be an assassin. Meanwhile, back home in LA, Will discovers the true identity of "Kate Jones" and Francie learns the...

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The key precincts of Vivid are: Circular Quay, The Rocks, Barangaroo, and Darling Harbour. Fortunately, the precincts aren't too far apart and getting around the Sydney city is simple. Plenty people even participate in walking photography tours through Sydney at night during Vivid.

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