Who needs to witness a will in australia?

Shakira Labadie asked a question: Who needs to witness a will in australia?
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In Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the ACT, any adult can act as a witness to a Will. This means that a spouse or adult child of the Will maker can act as a witness, even if they are named as beneficiaries in the Will.


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⭐ Who can witness a will in australia?

  • Most States in Australia will not allow witnesses that are mentioned in your will, either as beneficiary or executors. The witnesses must be of legal age (18) and they must be mentally capable of managing their property and making their own decisions. Contact our office to get a clarification on witness protocol.

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⭐ How does witness protection work in australia?

Coordinator Witness Protection is responsible for the day-to- day operations of the NWPP. The NWPP provides an environment in which participants are able to give evidence in criminal trials that involve a significant degree of criminality at both the Commonwealth and state levels without fear of retribution.

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