Why are they killing feral cats in australia?

Consuelo Conroy asked a question: Why are they killing feral cats in australia?
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Aboriginal communities have hunted feral cats for food since at least the 1890s, and feral cats became an increasingly important part of the local diet throughout the 20th century as cats replaced native mammals in Australia's Western Deserts. In the last two decades, cat hunting has also become a conservation tool.


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⭐ How bad are feral cats in australia?

And they are implicated in another eight mammal extinctions. Feral cats put direct pressure on at least 124 Australian species endangered with extinction. Feral cats hunt, kill and eat bilbies, numbats, quokkas, quolls, bandicoots, parrots, lizards, frogs and many other endangered animals.

⭐ How were feral cats brought to australia?

  • Researchers have found that much of the Australian species' decline coincided with the introduction of two animals: the feral cat, which sailors brought to Australia on ships as a means of pest control, and red foxes, brought to the continent for hunting.

⭐ Where do feral cats live in australia?

Feral cats are the same species as domestic cats, however they live and reproduce in the wild and survive by hunting or scavenging. They are found all over Australia in all habitats, including forests, woodlands, grasslands, wetlands and arid areas.

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  • NSW is the only state in Australia where foxes have not been declared a feral species. At least one NSW animal rights group advertises an adopt-a-fox program, promoting them as an unusual family pet. In Victoria, a public bounty has been introduced with more than 250,000 foxes shot in the past three years.
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