Why is john wolseley a significant artist in australia?

Domenico Muller asked a question: Why is john wolseley a significant artist in australia?
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⭐ What invention did frederick wolseley patent in australia in 1877?

A sheep-shearing device.

⭐ Who made significant changes to australia?

Lots of countries actually Mexicans discovered colour television, chocolate, (Yum!) also Chinese discovered paper and britan invented the telephone and internet.

⭐ Is captain cook a significant to australia?

Yes. James Cook explored and charted the eastern coast of Australia (he did not discover Australia). He and botanist Joseph Banks, who was aboard the Endeavour with Cook during this journey, proposed that Australia be settled as a penal colony. His reports of the continent were far more favourable than those of fellow Englishman William Dampier, who had only landed on Australia's far northwestern shores.Cook is therefore important to Australia because his reports were directly responsible for the subsequent settlement of the land, eighteen years after Cook's mapping of the coast.

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He came to Australia and painted and made artwork of the landscapes in Australia and didn't have to enhance his work to make it exceptional and a master piece. He lived in Australia for some time too, travelling interstate so he could capture more of the landscape - Hope this helps you.

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What significant events took place in australia in the early 1900s?

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Edward Eyre was the first European to walk from Adelaide to Albany (King George's Sound) in Western Australia, crossing the great Nullarbor Plain overland.

How did john oxley come to australia?

by a boat

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John Curtin's legacy to Australia was the significant expansion of Social Services. This included widows pension, maternity benefits for Aborginies and funeral benefits.

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Yes. John Howard was one of Australia's longest-serving prime ministers, remaining in office from 1996 until 2007.